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TipSee - Mobile Tip Tracker

TipSee is an all inclusive tip tracking app for anyone who gets tips daily or enough times throughout the year that you would like to keep a record. The app is user friendly and easy to learn. 
All tips for the month are displayed on a calendar page so you can see a summary at a glance.

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XpTracker - Mobile Expense Tracker

XpTracker is an all inclusive Expense tracking app for anyone who makes many purchase throughout the week and can not seem to remember where all your money is going. 

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Daily Expense

How to reduce your daily expenses

People often find that their expenses are more than their income. The daily expenses are not allowing you to save money. You may not find this true as the expenses are in form of small investments which add to a huge amount. You can reduce your daily expenses. Here, in this article you will information on how to reduce your daily expenses.

The first point that you have to remember is to decide the budget. You need to decide the amount of money that you will spend on a single day. Before leaving the house you shouldn't take extra money. This extra money will instigate you to spend more. So, you should decide first and then go out.

People often use their credit cards without having a second thought. No matter how small is the expense people often decide to pay with credit cards. This will not help you to reduce your expenses. So to be on the safe side you need to carry cash. It is the best way to pay. You should adapt to the habit of paying with cash this will help you to have second thoughts while buying any product.

You should not carry too much cash with you. If you decide to take some money for any emergency then it is good. If you are not going too far then do not carry extra money. Having extra money with you will enable the chance of spending more. If you run out of money then you can just go home and take money with you.

People often spend too much money if they decide to dine outside. Avoid eating out. This is the best way to reduce your expense. If you are going out then have some food before you leave. This will save a lot of money.

Avoid giving out small loans to your near ones. If you have a soft heart people often take advantage of you. This is a very bad habit of spending money. IF anyone wants money just to have fun then do not give any money. If people need money for any emergency purpose then you are free to give.

Avoid impulse buying. While you are out you may get attracted to many things. You often buy item that you do not need but the situation demands for it. If you find any item that will not have any impact on your future then don't buy.

After your work is complete, go home. If you hang out with your friends and have a drink then you are bound to spend. If you chill out with your friends occasionally then it is okay. Don't make it a habit.