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The best Apps to keep track of your financial records on the Market:

TipSee - Mobile Tip Tracker

TipSee is an all inclusive tip tracking app for anyone who gets tips daily or enough times throughout the year that you would like to keep a record. The app is user friendly and easy to learn. 
All tips for the month are displayed on a calendar page so you can see a summary at a glance.

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XpTracker - Mobile Expense Tracker

XpTracker is an all inclusive Expense tracking app for anyone who makes many purchase throughout the week and can not seem to remember where all your money is going. 

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Expense Manager

Security measures before installing expense mangers

Managing your daily expenses can be a tiring job. To help you out with your expenses there are different types of software available in the market. This software is not only important but also user-friendly. These are easy to manage and can help you on the go. You should install this software on your phone. Nowadays everyone is carrying a smartphone with them. It helps them to manage their life with the help of different software. These expense managers are easy to install. You just need to browse for expensemangerson the internet and download it. After the downloading is complete, install the software on your phone. You need to put down your personal information inside the software. This software will show option to enter your income and expense.

People often ask this question that the software is safe or not. Safety issues do matter when you are uploading any personal information inside it. It is safe to upload it inside a genuine software. There are many different type of software available in the market which claim to be original but turns out fake. If you decide to install an expense mangers, then this is recommended that you buy the software of a reputed company. Make sure to do some research before installing the software. There are certain things that you need to know in order to determine the originality. The software company needs to be a reputed one. Company that holds high reputation in the market should only be trusted. This software is available on their sites and make sure that you download one from there only.

If you have downloaded the software and it is trouble you after the installation then it may turn out to fake. These software can cause you trouble as valuable information will be uploaded inside the software. A reputed company should be able give you backup if face this kind of problem. They will ensure that you get back all your information properly. Many software stores this data inside the company's database. From where, you may collect your data afterwards.

Make sure that you gather information about the software. You may ask other customer about the software. You should also call the company to clarify any doubts. Make sure that you clear out all the doubts before installing expense mangers software. You may also search the internet to gather information about the company and the software. Make sure that after you install the software your phone or laptop should work properly. If you face in difficulty in huddling the device after installation then it can be corrupted software. Make sure that you uninstall the software immediately. You should not upload any information inside the software.