■  Keep Track Of Expenses

The best Apps to keep track of your financial records on the Market:

TipSee - Mobile Tip Tracker

TipSee is an all inclusive tip tracking app for anyone who gets tips daily or enough times throughout the year that you would like to keep a record. The app is user friendly and easy to learn. 
All tips for the month are displayed on a calendar page so you can see a summary at a glance.

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XpTracker - Mobile Expense Tracker

XpTracker is an all inclusive Expense tracking app for anyone who makes many purchase throughout the week and can not seem to remember where all your money is going. 

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Keep Track Of Expenses

Few important methods to tack expenses

People living in an urban city lead a very bust and fast life. Tracking the expenses can be a difficult job sometimes. People often maintain their income but tends to forget the expenditure. Here, in this article you will information on how to tack expenses. The procedure of tracking should be simple and good. Here are few factors that you want to track. Time and date of spending, amount, type of expenses, specific product that you wish to buy, manufacturer, point of sale and environmental issues. It is nice to have all these features of tracking your money. It is not that simple to put down these data at the same time. You might need to hire someone to do your job, but it is a waste of money.

1.       You should make category of expenses. It is not possible to track all your expenses. It is better to make 10 different types of category and keep one category naming other expenses. Here is a example. Transport, leisure, house maintenance, financial expenses and mortgages, junk food, food, kids, investments, clothes and other category.

2.       Another good way of tracking your money is to create spreadsheet. It is very simple to maintain a spreadsheet as it is easy to create. You need to draw three columns: date of expenses, type of expenses and amount spend. You may also add an extra column where you can write the expense details. It is up to you to add another column.

3.       You should put down the original amount that you have spent. You should not round off the figure. This will not be an important factor to you while you write it down. But, at the time of calculation this will not sum up to the actual income.

4.       The key factor is to keep the calculation as simple as possible. The simpler is your method of tacking expenses, more simple will be your calculation. You should keep in mind of the income and then add up the expenditure.

5.       Another way of tracking your money is by installing apps on your mobile phone. There are different types of apps available in the market from where you can install this app. This app is simple and easy to install. You can add all your details and calculate the total expenditure. The income and the expenses will be displayed on the home screen. If you are worried about the safety issue then this is assured that it is very safe.


Here are some methods through which you can track your money. Make sure that you follow the above instruction carefully in order to tack expenses. You can also search the internet to find more information on these processes.